Ring Care Guidelines

Here you will learn how to properly care for your custom jewelry.


At Anthem Bands, we craft our rings with a blend of durability and meaningful natural materials.

However, these materials are more susceptible to damage from water, chemicals, impacts, and scratching compared to solid metal rings.

We apply a protective coating to shield your ring from water and the elements. This sealant provides some resistance against impacts and scratches, but it's not as robust as solid metal. The longevity of this sealant depends on avoiding harsh conditions. We recommend removing your ring during manual labor and when in contact with water or chemicals (like hand sanitizers, lotions, etc.). Be especially careful if your ring is open-ended without metal edges. Regular exposure to such elements can weaken the sealant over time.

Be mindful of potential impact damage. A hard knock might not only crack the sealant but could also create a gap between the seal and the ring, compromising its integrity and appearance.



Your engagement ring is a cherished item, but certain activities can risk its condition. We advise removing your ring:

During manual labor, sports, or heavy gripping activities (like cycling, carrying luggage).

While performing household chores, especially those involving water or chemicals.

To avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, perfumes, cosmetics, and chemicals like chlorine or bleach.

Since gold is softer and the prongs can wear down, they might need re-tipping every few months to several years, depending on care. Protect the prongs by removing the ring during showering, avoiding snags on clothing or hair, and while sleeping. Remember, worn-down prongs can lead to loose stones, and there will be a charge for re-tipping prongs.


Regularly inspect your ring for any signs of normal wear. Rough or sharp prongs indicate wear and should be addressed promptly.


For home cleaning, mix dish soap with warm water, soak your ring for 5 minutes, then gently scrub with a soft brush. Rinse and dry with a soft cloth. Avoid soaking rings with natural materials like wood or antler; a quick brush with the solution should suffice. Avoid steam cleaners, as the heat can damage the ring.

For professional cleaning, inspections, polishing, or Questions regarding cleaning. please email us with "Attention: Repairs | Cleaning" in the subject line.

Please note there may be a service fee.



While our one-year warranty offers comprehensive coverage, it's important to understand its limitations. Here's what the "limited" in our warranty entails:

Loss of the Ring: Our warranty does not cover the ring if it's lost.

Size Adjustments: Changes in ring size due to variations in hand size, whether from swelling or weight gain, or miss sizing your ring size are not covered.

Impact Damage: We cannot cover cracks or breaks in the ring resulting from impact.

Misuse or Non-Manufacturing Damage: Any damage arising from misuse not related to manufacturing defects falls outside our warranty. This includes but is not limited to, damage from pets (yes, dogs do seem to have a liking for our rings!), harsh chemicals (such as chlorine, adhesives, salt water, acetone, and excessive use of hand sanitizers), or lack of maintenance.

While a minor chip might be covered, neglecting such damage can lead to more severe issues, which our warranty does not cover.

Metal Ring Damage: For our metal rings, damage to the metal itself is not included in the warranty. However, most jewelers can assist with repairs for these types of issues.

Remember, our warranty is designed to ensure your peace of mind with regard to the quality and craftsmanship of our rings. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any concerns or questions about; what is covered.