Sizing Guide

Given the unique handcrafted nature of our rings, it’s crucial to get accurate sizing.  

Anthem Bands Ring Sizing Tips: Find Your Perfect Fit

When selecting your ideal ring size with Anthem Bands, consider these key factors to ensure a comfortable yet secure fit throughout the day. Remember, finger sizes can vary due to several factors, including temperature, diet, and activities.

  1. Temperature and Weather Impact: Your ring may fit differently across seasons. Expect a tighter fit in warmer weather and a looser fit in colder conditions. Also, humidity and other environmental elements can affect your finger size. Consider these variations when using your custom sizer to determine your ring size.
  2. Diet and Physical Activity Influence: Your dietary habits and physical activities can alter your finger size. For instance, intense workouts can increase your finger size temporarily due to enhanced blood flow.
  3. Finger Shape Considerations: The shape of your finger significantly affects ring fit. If your finger narrows towards the tip and lacks a prominent knuckle, the ring should fit snugly at the base without squeezing. You should see a small gap under the ring when pushed upwards. If your knuckle is wider than the base of your finger, the ring needs to fit over the knuckle, which might feel loose at the base.
  4. Band Width Matters: The width of the ring band impacts fit. Men’s bands usually range from 5 mm to 10 mm, and women’s from 4 mm to 8 mm. A wider band often requires a larger size for comfort, while a thinner band might need a smaller size. See the Diagram below.

Once you’re confident in your ring size, please update it in your email. We’ll start crafting your ring as soon as we confirm your size, ensuring it doesn’t enter our production queue without this crucial detail.

Help With Sizing

If you are unsure about your ring size. The methods below may help figure out the right ring size.

Anthem Bands Ring Sizing Tips: Find Your Perfect Fit

Method 1: Complimentary Ring Sizer

At Anthem Bands, we prioritize ensuring that your ring fits perfectly. To facilitate this, we will send you a complimentary ring sizer ruler with each ring purchase (excluding in-stock, ready-to-ship rings). To receive this offer, select the “Please send Ring Sizer” option when placing your ring order.

Please note that the crafting process for your custom ring begins only after we receive your confirmed ring size. Please update us with your accurate size at your earliest convenience. 

Remember that delaying the size confirmation may extend the overall timeframe for receiving your custom-made ring.

For more information or have questions please contact us by phone or email.

Method 2: Local Jeweler

For those who wish to get their ring size determined locally, we suggest consulting with two or three well-established jewelers.  Please remember that all Anthem Bands rings conform to the international sizing standards with an exceptionally tight tolerance range of +/- a tenth of a millimeter, ensuring precise and consistent sizing for each ring.

Method 3: Using an existing ring

  1. Print the Guide: Make sure to print this guide at the actual size for accuracy.
  2. Match Your Ring: Place your ring over the printed circles. The correct size circle should match the inside of your ring, with a slight black outline visible. If your ring obscures the circle’s black outline, opt for the next size up.

**Disclaimer: When ordering, please keep in mind that the product size you order is considered final. Anthem Bands cannot be held responsible for any sizing discrepancies due to the customer’s error. We strongly recommend having us ship you a ring sizer when ordering your custom ring.

Ring Width Selection Tips

Visualizing Millimeter Measurements

Choosing the right width for your ring is an important aspect of finding the perfect ring. At Anthem Bands, our rings are measured in millimeters. If you’re more accustomed to inches, visualizing the width in millimeters might seem challenging.

A Handy Method For Estimating Width

If you don’t have a metric ruler, you can still estimate the width you prefer for your ring. A practical way to do this is by using coins. Try stacking pennies and nickels to create a visual representation of various widths. This method can help you approximate the look and feel of different ring widths before making your selection.

Once you’re confident in your ring size, please update us. We’ll start crafting your ring as soon as we confirm your size, ensuring it doesn’t enter our production queue without this crucial detail.